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Creating technologies and services that provide everything needed for the success of industry-ready quantum/classical software projects


Making Quantum Software Development Practical


Solving complex problems for enterprises


Integrating quantum software with classical IT


Democratizing access to quantum software

Specializing in Quantum Software Engineering and Programming applied to industry-ready hybrid quantum/classical software development, we have designed, developed and launched these technologies, products, methods, services, …



Since 2017 we have been conducting R&D on Quantum Software Engineering, applying the results of this research in the development of quantum software technologies that we integrate into solutions like QuantumPath® platform.

QPath® is the only platform specifically conceived from a quantum software engineering perspective in which we apply the principles of the Talavera Manifesto for Quantum Software Engineering and Programming. As a result, our quantum software solutions solve most of the quality problems of quantum computing platforms


QuantumPath®  is a Business Stack platform for professional quantum software development and software execution services that provides an integrated quantum software development environment (qIDE) that manages the application and quantum software development lifecycle: from the creation of the quantum algorithm through its development, testing and implementation, to its deployment and reuse. This platform provides the runtime backend needed to execute all your quantum products agnostically as well.

QuantumPath® makes Quantum Software Solution design possible. From high level design to production create scalable quantum device agnostic applications.

QuantumPath® is also, by design, a Quantum Software-as-a-Service (QSaaS) platform.  QuantumPath® provides a wide range of tools, services, governance, metrics, and agnostic capabilities in the box that make it possible to professionally build complete quantum business projects. 

QuantumPath®’s capabilities as a QSaaS platform allow us to provide organizations with specialized services that can deliver business advantages from the implementation of hybrid (classic/quantum) software solutions.

QuantumPath® has been designed to adapt to different security, IT infrastructure and business strategies of the organization, so it supports multiple deployment and exploitation contexts that facilitate being ready for the business of quantum software.

 QPath® is available through four types of subscriptions: Free Developer, Developer, Business, and Enterprise.

Realize the experience of developing quantum software without having to write lines of code or worry about not knowing vendor-specific technologies by experimenting with QPath® Free Developer.

 QPath® is the first quantum software development platform for the hybrid software sistems industry-ready


Q Assets Compositor® is a set of tools for the visual design of quantum algorithms and Apps in real-world architecture: Quantum Gates editor, Annealing compositor, DirectCode editor, Q xCompositor.

 It’s one of the technological solutions of QST thanks to which QPath® is a RAD platform for creating quantum algorithms and software, which contributes to reducing the learning curve by not requiring mastery of different quantum languages and environments.


The qSOA® architecture of QPath® enables the integration of quantum software and classical IT through clear connection points and its open standards-base protocol:

·    Dynamic aggregation and modification of new assets to the solution based on business rules

·    Dynamic execution of algorithms by sending input data and collecting consolidated results both online and deferred

qSOA® is one of the key pieces of the QPath® architecture for the development of industry-ready hybrid quantum/classical software solutions.


QuantumPath® Marketplace is a solution that allows quantum software services to be offered to creators of quantum solutions and algorithms, through which they will be able to have an infrastructure that will allow them to expose the results of their work to the market.

QuantumPath® Marketplace is a fundamental tool to boost quantum ecosystems, integrating and using solutions based on the most advanced quantum technologies from different developers.


What if we were to take advantage of the generality of use of gate-based quantum computers to run optimization problems based on annealing principles? This is what inspired the creation of QuantumPath®‘s new feature: Q Agnostic QAOA®. 

With Q Agnostic QAOA® it is possible to launch the same optimization algorithms on quantum hardware from different providers (Amazon Braket, D-Wave, Fujitsu, IBM, IonQ, OQC, Rigetti, …, as well as third-party quantum computing simulators like QuTec and others), and different technologies (gate-based computer and annealing) without the need for reprogramming.

Q Agnostic QAOA® extends the principle of full quantum software portability from QuantumPath® to QAOA.



The technology-agnostic approach to quantum providers is a robust, realistic and forward-looking strategy that can be decisive in mitigating the risks implicit in changing quantum technologies, especially at times like the present, when changes in quantum technologies are the order of the day. 

That is why QuantumPath® Q Risk Management® is a relevant option for risk management of quantum software projects, since it is a platform that, thanks to its agnostic core, minimizes almost to zero the impacts that drastic changes in quantum technologies and providers could cause.

Q Risk Management®, technology risk management in quantum systems with QPath®.


QuantumPath® is a Quantum Software-as-a-Service (QSaaS) platform that enables us to conceive and implement specialized software services that take the development and third-party exploitation of quantum solutions and algorithms in the cloud to the next level.

QuantumPath®’s specialized services provide organizations with multiple business advantages around the development and delivery of industry-ready hybrid (quantum/classical) solutions.